Commit 086e683c authored by matze's avatar matze

[__file] add "default values" in manual for group, mode and owner

Because at least the --mode default value may not be expected, the
manual lists the "default values". As they are not explicitly set in the
`__file` type, it is a bit more difficult, but should resolve to
  - the mode comes from the umask set in the cdist code to protect file
    creation and uses the strongest umask possible.
  - the owner and group comes from the ssh user, which should always be
    the root user. (I think this can be swaped, too, but who will?)

At the owner and group parameter, it could be replaced with something
like "the ssh user and group", which would be more correct, but less
parent dcfabf92
......@@ -50,13 +50,13 @@ state
create or modify it
Group to chgrp to.
Group to chgrp to. Defaults to ``root``.
Unix permissions, suitable for chmod.
Unix permissions, suitable for chmod. Defaults to a very secure ``0600``.
User to chown to.
User to chown to. Defaults to ``root``.
If supplied, copy this file from the host running cdist to the target.
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