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title: 2020 is the year of IPv6
pub_date: 2020-08-07
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
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IPv6 is beginning to take off in 2020
When is IPv6 beginning to matter? When is IPv6 taking off? These are
questions that we debate in the IPv6 community at meetings and online.
2 years ago
For us, 2020 has already become the year of IPv6, even way before it
is ending.
2 years ago
## IPv6 traffic reached more than 33% (1/3) of traffic to Google
2 years ago
Acccording to google, IPv6 search traffic already exceeds 33%:
2 years ago
The recent growth this year is also attributed to people more working
from home, where IPv6 is already more present than in business
33% - this is clearly not yet 100%, however it means that every third
search request is made using IPv6.
2 years ago
## Some countries passed the 50% IPv6 deployment status
2 years ago
2 years ago
[the US]( and
2 years ago
[Malaysa]( - all of them have
passed the 50% IPv6 deployment mark. **India even surpassed the 70%
2 years ago
And [Greece]( and
[Germany]( are not far from
2 years ago
passing the 50% mark (while we in
[Switzerland]( only passed the
40% mark...).
2 years ago
In other words: if you are living or travelling to above countries,
2 years ago
you have a good chance of getting IPv6 - and it's growing.
2 years ago
## IPv6 community is active and growing
At the moment there are so many cool IPv6 projects and communities
around, as many as we have never seen active before. Let us list some
projects we are aware of:
2 years ago
* [IPv6 Buzz](
by Ed Horley, Scott Hogg, and Tom Coffeen
2 years ago
* [The IPv6 Chat on Matrix and IRC](/u/projects/ipv6-chat/)
2 years ago
* [The APNIC blog](
* [RIPE labs](
* [IPv6 on Reddit](
* [Afrinic is offering education](
* [The IPv6 blog]( is a community maintained link
collection - add your IPv6 resources there!
* .. and probably many more! Did we miss a community? Just [let us know about it](/u/contact/).
2 years ago
## IPv6 hardware/software support improving
For many years we have been watching IPv6 support in (network)
hardware and open source software. And while not every everything is
fixed, many pain points have been solved. And what is even better:
even if your network equipment does not nicely work with IPv6, a lot
of equipment can now be made IPv6 usable just by flashing
2 years ago
## IPv6 everywhere
You might have heard the claims of our CEO, Nico Schottelius, that you
can have IPv6 everywhere. This year at ungleich we released the
[VIIRB](u/products/viirb-ipv6-box/), the world's smallest IPv6
This device is so easy and so small that you really don't have an
excuse for not having IPv6: power it on, plug it into an IPv4 only
network: all devices in your network have IPv6 via autoconfiguration.
## IPv6 in 2020
So in 2020, you can go out, connect yourself anywhere with IPv6, talk
about it to many people and get your software easily up and
running. Oh, and if you think it is just us, we are not the only ones
who think [the attitude towards IPv6