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title: IPv4 to IPv6 Proxy
subtitle: Make your IPv6 resources reachable from the IPv4 world
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headline1: IPv4 to
headline2: IPv6 Proxy
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## Introduction
The IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy allows your IPv6 only resources to be reachable
from the legacy IP (IPv4) Internet. It supports the following
## When to use the IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy?
If you have a website that is running on an IPv6 only webserver, you
can use this service to enable access from the IPv4 Internet to it.
It can be used with [](../ipv6-only-hosting) VMs or
other IPv6 only services in the Internet.
## Pricing
The IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy is free for up to 10 domains per VM for VM
* Up to 10 domains (for non VM customers): 5 CHF/month (0.5 CHF/domain)
* Up to 100 domains: 30 CHF/month (0.3 CHF/domain)
* Up to 1000 domains: 100 CHF/month (0.1 CHF/domain)
* Above 1000 domains: on request
The pricing includes traffic.