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title: Hosted Matrix Chat
subtitle: Easy, decentralised encrypted chat
feature1_title: Hosted in Switzerland
subtitle: Easy, decentralised & end-to-end encrypted chat
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Open, Secure
Decentralized Chat
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<h2>What is Matrix?</h2>
<p><a href="">Matrix</a> is a modern and decentralised,
open-source chat solution backed by a dynamic community. It provides many
advanced user-focused features such as end-to-end encryption, bridging or audio
& video calls.</a></p>
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<div class="row">
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<img style="width: 100%; position: relative; top: 25%;" src="/u/image/matrix-logo.png" />
<div class="col-9">
The strongest point of Matrix is *federation*: a Matrix homeserver - which is
what we offer - allows to manage your own community... and to join the whole
Matrix network. You will be able to exchange with users on any other Matrix
server without any special configuration!
End-to-end encryption (E2EE) means that - when enabled - only the sender and
intended receiver(s) will be able to read the messages: even ungleich, who
manages the matrix server, will not be able to access the content of E2EE
Our Matrix servers are provided with a TURN server, meaning that you'll be
able to use voice and video calls out of the box.
We support bridging to other networks such as Mattermost instances, IRC,
Slack, Telegram and more via <a
<hr />
feature1_title: Open
The Matrix chat is hosted exclusively in Switzerland,
offering its political stability and strict privacy laws as advantages
The evolution of Matrix is managed through an open governance process,
supervised by [The Foundation](
Moreover, all the software backing the network is [Free and Open
Source](, which
guarantees quality and security.
feature2_title: Fully decentralised
feature2_title: Secure & decentralized
Everyone can run a Matrix server and by default Matrix is open for
federation. That means if you have a hosted Matrix server instance
that you can directly connect to other servers and chat with people
everywhere in the world. You can even try this out by talking to us on
feature3_title: Privacy by default
feature3_text: Matrix allows full end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in its
core. No additional settings required, encryption is at at the heart
of Matrix.
Because of E2EE your messages can even be encrypted at rest -
i.e. they are not stored plaintext, if you encrypt them.
Both end-to-end encryption and federation are *built-in* into Matrix. The
former will be enabled by default in the near future, making it a valuable tool
for activists and privacy-minded people all across the world.
content1_image: /u/image/penguin-matrix.jpg
feature3_title: Zero Carbon
## What is Matrix?
[Matrix]( is a decentralised chat that allows you
to have your own private conversations and at the same time be
connected to other communities. At your choice.
Matrix features real end-to-end encryption that allows you to keep
your messages save from everyone.
## Whom is Matrix Chat for?
If you are interested in Open Source, if you value privacy and if
don't mind a slightly geeky interface - well, then Matrix is certainly
for you.
If you are more looking for an end-user compatible chat, we recommend
to look at the [Mattermost based](../zero-carbon-chat/) chat.
Matrix can be used as a replacement of Slack or IRC. It is neither
proprietary nor based on a hard to extend protocol (think of:
pictures). Like the Mattermost chat, Matrix is also running on a Zero
Carbon infrastructure.
We host your Matrix homeserver in our [own
datacenter](/u/projects/data-center-light/) in Switzerland, which we believe to
be as ecologically-friendly as a datacenter can get: we use old buildings,
second-hand hydroelectric, passive cooling and are directly plugged into a
hydroelectric power plant.
## Transparent costs
<div class="container" style="padding: 0;">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-9">
<img style="width: 100%;" src="/u/image/penguin-matrix.jpg" />
<div class="col-3">
<h2>Growing fast!</h2>
<p>As of February 2020, the Matrix network supports ~13.5M visible
accounts, ~5.0M messages a day, ~40.000 federated servers and even <a
<p>A lot of privacy, security and usability work is going on... which
means that Matrix will get even more awesome in the coming months!</p>
<p>You can follow the <a href="">
blog</a> to get frequent updates on Matrix's development, and chat with
us on <a
<hr />
<div class="container" style="padding: 0;">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-6">
<h2>Hosted Matrix Chat</h2>
<p>We will provide you with your own dedicated Matrix 'Home Server', as well as
a hosted web client. Matrix requires a domain name in order to join the global
networks, which will appear in your username (e.g.
<i></i>): you can either use a subdomain of
<i></i> (e.g. <i></i>) or your own domain name. We
will deploy a <a href="">Matterbridge</a>)
instance (bridging to Mattermost, IRC, Slack, Telegram, ...) on demand.
<p>There are <a href="">many Matrix
clients</a>, although we <b>strongly recommend</b> <a
href="">Riot</a> which is the most
advanced at the moment. Be aware, however, that you might be a bit
confused with its UI/UX at first (there is ongoing work to improve
onboarding): we encourage you to <a href="">try
Riot/Matrix</a> first if your are not already familiar with it.
<div class="col-6">
<h2>Transparent Costs</h2>
<p>The cost of our Matrix-as-a-Service offer is divided between a base maintenance
fee and the price of the dedicated Virtual Machine (VM) we deploy for you in
our <a href="/u/projects/data-center-light">own datacenter</a>. There is no artifical
restriction on the number of users or size of rooms: the only limit is the
resources we allocate to your node. We will extend them on demand, following
the pricing model (CPU, RAM, Disk) of our <a href="">VM
<div class="alert alert-info">
We also offer custom-sized deployment. You can discuss our offer with us by
email or even on matrix, via <a
<p style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;"> You will find more details
on our <a href="">Matrix-as-a-Service FAQ</a> and on <a href=""> Matrix's official documentation</a>.
<div class="alert alert-secondary">
You might be also interested in our [Mattermost-based chat
offer](../zero-carbon-chat), which might be closer to what you expect for a
enterprise team chat at the moment. We use both at ungleich, since Matrix is
especially convenient to reach out to the world!
When you book a Matrix chat that is running in our [Data Center
Light](, you pay for a virtual machine and
a maintenance fee, according to the VM size.
That's it. No artifical user or room limit.
If you need more resources, because you are using the chat
intensively, you can upgrade your VM to a bigger model.
offer1_title: Matrix-S 36 CHF/Month
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@ -45,6 +45,12 @@ suitable for the following use case.
* If you are dealing with sensitive data over your chat that needs to be protected against the unstable political situation
* If your team needs a communication platform that does not betray the team's values: in other words, if your team values protecting the environment.
<div class="alert alert-secondary">
You might be also interested in our [Matrix-based chat
offer](../hosted-matrix-chat), which allows secure and decentralized
## How can I access it?
You can access the chat easily from your browser or from the mobile app.


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j <a href="{{ this.offer3_link }}" class="btn btn-primary">Order</a>
<a href="{{ this.offer3_link }}" class="btn btn-primary">Order</a>
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