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title: Zero Carbon Valentine 2020
subtitle: give sustainability to your beloved
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## Valentine Machines
Imagine this: instead of the conventional gifts we've all seen over and over, giving your
beloved geek something creative. Something that they can enjoy even after the Valentine's day. And save the planet in the meantime.
<img src="/u/image/valentine-machine.jpg" class="img-fluid">
Enough of chocolate boxes and raspberry PIs, or robot vacuums. Enough of gifts that destroy the environment with even more CO2 emission in its manufacturing, packaging and shipping.
Give your beloved ones something zero carbon and creative. For instance (no pun intended on the word "instance"), a **Valentine Machine (VM).**
All VMs from ungleich are fully **zero carbon**. No CO2 emissions from running a VM on [Data Center Light](../projects/data-center-light): our whole infrastructure only runs on clean, renewable energy.
## 14% discount on valentine machines
To make it easier to give a cool VM to your beloved one, we give you a
14% discount on any VM that you buy on []( or
[]( from 2020-02-07 to 2020-02-14.
## How to get 14% discount
Order a VM during the Valentine Machine week 2020-02-07 to 2020-02-14 and go through the checkout, and send us the following message to
"I want a zero carbon Valentine's day!"
As soon as our team checks your message, we will apply the discount for your VM subscription.