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title: Data Center Light welcomes South Pole
pub_date: 2020-05-30
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
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Penguins push sustainability forward together
## Data Center Light is now hosting for South Pole
We have great news - that we have welcomed a new customer into [Data Center Light,]( our renewable energy-powered data center in the Alps. It is rare that we write about who we offer our services to, so when we do it you know it is a bit special and we might have a good reason for it. This time we're introducing another penguin: the great penguins all the way from [South Pole](
## Who is South Pole?
South Pole is a 350-people team of passionate climate experts with its headquarters in Zürich. It provides global climate solutions and develops projects for companies and organizations embarking on their Climate Journey, which includes assessing their carbon footprint and climate risks, green investments, carbon neutrality, and renewable energy.
Started as a handful of people with great ideas back in 2006, now their offices are spread over 18 countries, including Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, and more. And most importantly: their mascot is a penguin, and the team calls themselves the Penguins.
Sustainability, Switzerland, penguins?! Instant love for us.
We recommend that you take a look at [their blog]( that covers their inspiring projects such as forest conservation, wild animal protection, clean water project for local communities, and many more.
## When our passion overlaps
When we started a data center in the valleys of Switzerland only using energy from the on-site hydropower plant, when we moved into the old factory halls from the bygone weaving industry, and when we built everything from a scratch with recycled hardware, we were all in for creating a data center as sustainable as possible. However it was not 100% clear for us what kind of customers our services would be offered to.
More and more we are realising that how we started and continued our journey has actually brought us the best kind of customers. The kind who shares our visions of sustainable technology and understands the value of what we do.
So such was the case for team ungleich and team South Pole. We love that those whom we provide our services to have the same mission as we do. Enabling and supporting like-minded people with what we have built has been a really exciting journey for our team.
## Continuing our work on sustainability together
Our team sends the warmest welcome to the fellow penguins of South Pole! Together our walk for the sustainable future will be even more fun.