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@ -90,3 +90,32 @@ wget/curl need to have IPv6 support to retrieve files via IPv6.
Present a short video that successfully shows the updated upstream
installer working in an IPv6 only network to install Alpine
Linux. Bounty is __100 CHF__.
### Bounty 3: Enable IPv6 only in the Linux kernel
As you might remember, we created
[a challenge to disable
IPv4]( in
your operating system. It turns out that as of 2020-05-01, the only
operating system that truly can turn off IPv4, is FreeBSD.
If you are into hacking the Linux kernel, we offer a __300 CHF__
bounty to disable IPv4 in the Linux kernel. The bounty includes:
* Create a patch against Linux mainline that completely disables IPv4
* Ensure that make menuconfig/config can turn IPv4 off
* Preparing the patch so that it can be included
* Submission to LKML
* Polishing patch so that it can be accepted
* Patch is included in the Linux kernel source git repo
* Show a short proof of concept that there is truly no more IPv4
### Bounty 4: Enable IPv6 only in the OpenBSD kernel
Very similar to bounty 3, we offer another __300 CHF__ bounty, if you
can patch OpenBSD to fully disable IPv4. Requirements for collecting
the bounty:
* Create the necessary kernel patch
* Get it included into the OpenBSD source tree
* Show a short proof of concept that there is truly no more IPv4