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title: Video Conference Call
subtitle: Free, Open Source and sustainable Video Conference
image: /u/image/cards/videoconf.jpg
headline1: Secure, Open Source
headline2: Video Conference Call
headline3: Free for all
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## A Sustainable Video Conference System
Powered by 100% renewable energy, running on a VM at our [Swiss data center.](
## Underlying technology
The underlying technology for our free video conference call is Jitsi.
## How to use
You can have a call anytime at [](
It's completely free. No signup needed, we don't collect your information.
You can share screens or videos over it. The call works with or without video.
## Stayhome
Use our free video conference call to call the ones you need to talk to. We hope this helps your communication in this extraordinary time we're living in. Wherever you are, stay safe.