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title: Education
Education is the key to digital sustainability
## Education by ungleich
Here at ungleich we are facing a lot of technogies in and out every
day. From Linux to IPv6, from Open Source to LoRaWAN, from
virtualisation to IoT - modern technogie stacks are our home.
We want to pass the knowledge that we acquire at ungleich to enable
you for your next project.
The following are opportunities to learn with our ungleich staff:
## Django Introduction Course (2020-07-27 - 2020-07-31)
This is a great course for getting to know
[Django, web framework for perfectionists with
We are teaching the principles of Django and best practices. This
course is held in the [Hacking Villa](/u/projects/hacking-villa) and
can be booked with lodging (1'900 CHF) or without (1'500 CHF).
This is an intensive course with teaching hours from 0900-1300
and 1430-1730.
Requirements: one laptop with Linux or Mac OS installed. A course
laptop can be rented for 100 CHF.
For participation send a mail to django@ungleich.ch.
## ungleich learning circle
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1400 CEST (2100 KST)
we meet virtually in the ungleich learning circle. Our main meeting
point is the [matrix room
Topics include Python, IPv6, Django, Shell script and more.
Mode of operation is:
* Meeting and short introduction (1400 CEST/2100 KST)
* Working with the other participants until 1700 CEST/2400 KST
* Short review and presentations