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title: What I deployed on IPv6 this week
pub_date: 2020-02-26
author: ungleich IPv6 team
twitter_handle: ungleich
_hidden: no
_discoverable: yes
A real life IPv6 web log.
IPv6 is growing and everyone in the IPv6 community contributing to it.
This article is dedicated to show what **you** have done with IPv6 or
where you have enabled IPv6 this week.
## Your story here
Do you have something interesting to share? Either send your short
story to **ipv6** at **ungleich.ch** with the subject
*What I deployed on IPv6 this week* or submit a merge request to
[the ungleich-staticcms
(account can be created on https://account.ungleich.ch).
Anything IPv6 related is welcome!
## 2020-02-26, Nico Schottelius
I have deployed a prototype of [uncloud
v2](https://code.ungleich.ch/nico/meow-pay) on the IPv6 only host
**manager.place7.ungleich.ch** that serves as a test bed for migrating
the OpenNebula based virtualisation to uncloud.
## More of it
Feel free to join the discussion on the