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@ -17,10 +17,17 @@ You can chat with us on [matrix.ungleich.ch](https://matrix.ungleich.ch).
## IPv6 Chat
To foster IPv6 deployement, we created [IPv6.chat](../ipv6-chat),
To foster IPv6 deployement, we created [IPv6.chat](../ipv6-chat/),
which is also reachable via matrix. Follow above instructions and type
**/join #ipv6:ungleich.ch** instead.
## Data Center Light
For discussion and questions about [Data Center
Light](../data-center-light/), you can **/join
#datacenterlight:ungleich.ch**. Anything about VMs, hosting,
colocation or our setup can be discussed there.
## Hacking and Learning
Specifically for learning new technologies and to exchange knowledge