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@ -39,12 +39,6 @@ VIIRB features
Reguar price: 58 CHF
content2_image: ipv6-holiday-vertical.jpg
## 2. IPv6 t-shirt
What do you want to wear on your IPv6 holiday? IPv6 T-shirt of course, what else. This cotton t-shirt declares your love for IPv6 on the front: and our IPv6 penguin got your back. (Yes, there is the IPv6 penguin printed on the back!) This shirt will certainly make you smile when you put it on.
@ -55,12 +49,6 @@ Limited edition, designed and printed in Switzerland
Unisex fit
Regular price: 50 CHF
content3_image: ipv6-tshirt.jpg
## 3. IPv6 stickers x3
Size: 62mm x 60mm
@ -69,12 +57,6 @@ Material: Outdoor UV-coated sticker
Last but not least, we include 3 of our beloved IPv6 stickers in the IPv6 holiday pack. One for your laptop, one for your bike, one for your car.
Regular price: 12 CHF
content4_image: ipv6-sticker.jpg
### Bonus: IPv6VPN included
A free subscription for 1 year is included. This way you can plug in
@ -102,4 +84,7 @@ payment. To Switzerland, you can pay with credit card on the page below.
All prices exluding VAT.
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