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## VIIRB use cases
So what can you do with the VIIRB?
### IPv6 on the go
Going to a friend and the network does not have IPv6? Just bring your
VIIRB, plug it in and enjoy a fully enabled IPv6 network.
## IPv6 only Wifi
### IPv6 only Wifi
Once the VIIRB is started, it will present you with the wifi network
**IPv6 everywhere**. This
**IPv6 everywhere**. The pre-configured WPA2 password is
**iloveipv6**. As opposed to the root password, which is random,
we intentionally set a default here, so you can just drop the box and
people who see the SSID "IPv6 everywhere" and know about the project,
can connect right away.
If you don't like this, you can turn the wifi off or change the name
and password.
The pre-configured wifi network
* plug in
* connect to the wifi named "IPv6 everywhere" (password: "IloveIPv6")
### IPv6 world wide reachable audio system
You can install the [music player daemon](https://www.musicpd.org/) on
the VIIRB and allow remote control of the music from anywhere in the
world. You can either put your music locally on an SDXC card or you
can even mount your music collection or stream music to it.
Just connect the VIIRB to your audio system, configure it and enjoy
remotely controlled music!
### A BGP router
[quagga](https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/bird2) available no
OpenWRT, you can use it directly for peering with other ASNs.
In fact, if you let us know before ordering, we can even connect your
VIIRB to a VPN endpoint that allows peering with the real Internet.
### A hacking box
Thi VIIRB contains a variety of additional features like PWM, GPIO,
A/D converter, D/A converter and so on. It can also plug in a small
camera, so you can turn it into an IPv6 enabled camera. The VIIRB is
so universal, easy and hackable that it's just fun to use it.
Remote controlling your lights, your blinds, your door bell - all
remotely via IPv6? You can do it with the VIIRB!
## Tech details
@ -74,10 +107,9 @@ The pre-configured wifi network
* Power supply: 3.6V ~ 5.5V, 500mA
* Power Consumption: 74mA wifi standby, 230mA wifi full speed, 5V input.
The VIIRB is based on the [vocore2](https://vocore.io/v2u.html),
You can find more about the VPN and technical details,
on [IPv6VPN.ch](https://ipv6vpn.ch).
The VIIRB is based on the [vocore2](https://vocore.io/v2u.html) with
an updated firmware, pre-configured and
combined with the [IPv6VPN](https://ipv6vpn.ch).
## What is in the box
@ -87,31 +119,3 @@ because we think that most people already have this and we don't want
to contribute to tech waste.
If you need a power supply, we can ship this for 15 CHF.
## Use case 3: World wide reachable audio system
## Use case 4: hacking box
Running stock openwrt
## Use case X: BGP router
This tiny box is a full blown Linux computer. So you can even connect
it in a data center and
content1_image /u/image/ipv6-vpn-ungleich-swiss.jpg
offer1_title: IPv6 VPN 120 CHF/Year
* IPv6 addresses registerd in Switzerland
* 80 bit of IPv6 space
* Encrypted
* with a /48 network
offer1_link: https://datacenterlight.ch/product/ipv6-vpn-48/