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title: Hacking Hotel Diesbach
subtitle: A space for creative minds in the heart of Switzerland
## TL;DR
The hacking hotel is an 1874 built hotel in Diesbach that welcomes
writers, designers, architects, geeks, hackers from all over the
world. If you want to visit or stay with us, just get in touch with us
at **hackinghotel at**.
## Why a hacking hotel?
We are located in the heart of the pretty mountain valley
[Glarus]( and we love our
surrounding and the way of living here. We want to share this
spirit with you and this is why we opened up this hotel.
## What is there?
The Hacking Hotel has 13 rooms in total with 9 rooms open for
staying. It is located next to a pretty waterfall, a cross-country
skiing area, some horses and a lot of cows.
And more importantly: a direct 10 GBit/s network connection to the
next Data Center, the Data Center Light.
You can have a sneak preview of how it looks inside
on the [Hacking and Living in Hotel Diesbach page](
## What to do in the hacking hotel?
We are here to enjoy our life while we work the way we like to work.
However, you are free to do what you like - for instance:
* enjoy the fast Internet
* have a walk in the valley
* hike up in the nearby mountains
* learn horse riding
* cook together
* go for a swim or sauna nearby in [Braunwald](
* work concentrated
## How to get there?
Just take the train or plane to Zurich and from there it is a direct
train to the nearby station.
Checkout the [SBB
for the next train.


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