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title: ungleich adds a bounty program
pub_date: 2020-04-29
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
_hidden: no
_discoverable: yes
Hack on Free and Open Source Software and get money for it
## TL;DR
At ungleich we love [FOSS](/u/projects/opensource). If you want to
contribute to selected Free and Open Source Software and even get paid
for it, checkout the [ungleich bounty
## Introduction
At ungleich we have something like an "infinite task queue". While we
do contribute to Free and Open Source Software on daily basis, there
are a variety of things we can't do during daily work.
## It's Open Source
So because everything we use is Open Source and we live the Open
Source spirit, chances are high that somebody will scratch the itch
that we have found some time in the future. Because it is Open Source,
anyone with the technical skills can actually fix it.
## It's about values
Many bounty items will actually list support for IPv6 or fixing things
that are necessary for having "good" or clean software. With
volunteers contributing to Open Source Software, everyone profits from
the changes that you make.
## The bounty list
The list of bounties can be found on our
[Jobs, Hacks and Bounties page](/u/projects/jobs-hacks-bounties/). It
will be updated regularly with the progress.
If you think you have a project that fits very much the ungleich
project, you can also suggest a bounty by writing an email to **support
You are also invited to join our [open chat](/u/projects/open-chat/),
to hang out or to discuss the bounty idea.

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title: Free Video Conference Call For All
pub_date: 2020-03-16
pub_date: 2020-04-26
author: ungleich

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## Additional offers
* Bridging to other networks using
[matterbridge]( is a 10 CHF
setup fee and 5 CHF/month maintenance fee. It supports the following protocols:
** Discord
** Gitter
** IRC
** Keybase
** Matrix
** Mattermost 4.x, 5.x
** Microsoft Teams
** Slack
** Ssh-chat
** Steam
** Telegram
** Twitch
** WhatsApp
** Zulip
## Matrix UI/UX development support program
On 2020-04-21 we started our new support program to specifically

@ -57,3 +57,9 @@ If you are providing services that are only reachable by IPv4 and want
to make them accessible by IPv6, our [IPv6-to-IPv4
Proxy](../ipv6-to-ipv4-proxy/) helps you to accomplish the opposite
## Technical documentation
Technical details about the service can be found on
[the redmine

@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ If you already have a matrix account, you can join
If you don't have a matrix account, you find the instructions
on [how to create a matrix account on our Open Chat
## Other chat rooms

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title: Jobs, Hacks and Bounties
subtitle: Doing stuff with or at ungleich
## Introduction
You might know, ungleich means "not equal" or "different" in
English. So working for, with or at ungleich is usually a bit
different from working for other companies. We practice a high degree of
remote working and our team consists of a lot of international
members from a variety of cultures.
So instead of the classical "job openings", we have three different
sections of how to get started with ungleich.
## Hacks
Hacks are easy to do, easy to learn tasks that help you understand
the way we work and the technology stacks we use. These are easy
things to do at home or anywhere you are. You can join the
[open chat room "Hacking & Learning"](/u/projects/open-chat/) for
asking questions.
### Hack 1: Get IPv6
For most stuff we do, you will need IPv6. Head over to the
[IPv6 VPN](/u/products/ipv6-vpn/) to get yourself started. Note:
the VPN is for free if you have a VM with us.
### Hack 2: Deploy ubookmark
[ubookmark](/u/projects/ubookmark/) is a simple Django app.
Deploy it on your local machine (it
is IPv6 reachable, isn't it?) and send us a shout when it's reachable
using HTTPS. If you need a domain name for your letsencrypt
certificate, checkout [](
### Hack 3: IPv6 cat
Create a micro django project that does the following:
* If you are visiting via IPv4, it will show a static page saying "Sorry, only reachable by IPv6"
* If you are visiting it via IPv6, it will show a friendly cat picture
* No other features required, design up to you
## Jobs
Currently there are no permanent job openings.
## Bounties
At ungleich we heavily depend on and contribute [Open Source
Software](/u/projects/opensource). Sometimes (often?) we have a lot of
ideas we would like to implement in Open Source Software, but daily
tasks prevent us from implementing them.
We at ungleich have created a bounty program that offers
money for fixing/hacking Open Source Software.
### Bounty 1: eboard updates
[eboard]( is a classical FICS client
for playing chess on the Internet. However, it did not have some
updates for some time, so we offer the following bounties:
* Add eboard to Alpine Linux packages (__30 CHF__)
* Bounty paid when it's in __apk add__ able from either edge/testing/community
* Add alsa support to eboard upstream (__50 CHF__)
* Enable beeping on move of the opponent without the OSS emulation
* Bounty successful when a new eboard release was made with it
* Add IPv6 support to eboard (__50 CHF__)
* FICS is basically using a telnet protocol
* Eboard does not work in NAT64 scenarios, because it does not have IPv6 support
** Bounty successful when a new eboard release was made with it
### Bounty 2: Alpine Linux installable in IPv6 only networks
Alpine Linux currently does not start rdnssd in the installer nor does
it have the ndisc package installed.
The installer in particular needs to assign itself IPv6 addresses
(SLAAC should already work), needs to accept DNS servers and search
suffix from router advertisements (requires rdnssd running) and
wget/curl need to have IPv6 support to retrieve files via IPv6.
Present a short video that successfully shows the updated upstream
installer working in an IPv6 only network to install Alpine
Linux. Bounty is __100 CHF__.

@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ To foster IPv6 deployement, we created [](../ipv6-chat),
which is also reachable via matrix. Follow above instructions and type
**/join** instead.
## Hacking and Learning
Specifically for learning new technologies and to exchange knowledge
we created the **Hacking & Learning channel** which can be found at
## Bridged Channels
And some of our channels are also available on IRC, you can find them