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## TL;DR
The hacking hotel is an 1874 built hotel in Diesbach that welcomes
The Hacking Villa was built in 1874. It is located in Diesbach and
writers, designers, architects, geeks, hackers from all over the
world. If you want to visit or stay with us, just get in touch with us
at **hackinghotel at ungleich.ch**.
at **hackingvilla at ungleich.ch**.
## Why a hacking hotel?
## A Hacking Villa?
We are located in the heart of the pretty mountain valley
[Glarus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glarus) and we love our
surrounding and the way of living here. We want to share this
spirit with you and this is why we opened up this hotel.
The hacking hotel is part of the [Digital
spirit with you and this is why we opened up this villa to the public.
The hacking villa is part of the [Digital
Glarus](/u/projects/digital-glarus) project.
## What is there?
@ -35,7 +36,7 @@ You can have a sneak preview of how it looks inside
on the [Hacking and Living in Villa Diesbach page](https://hack.digitalglarus.ch/hacking-and-living-in-hotel-diesbach.html).
## What to do in the hacking hotel?
## What to do in the Hacking Villa?
We are here to enjoy our life while we work the way we like to work.
However, you are free to do what you like - for instance: