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title: Data Center Light is now hosting South Pole
pub_date: 2020-05-30
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
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Penguins push sustainability forward together
## Data Center Light is now hosting for South Pole
We have a great news - that we have welcomed a new customer into our renewable-energy powered data center in the Alps. It is rare that we write about who we offer our services for, so when we do it you know it is a bit special and we might have a good reason. It is indeed special, it's our fellow penguins: the great penguins all the way from [South Pole](
## Who is South Pole?
South Pole is a team of passionate sustainability experts which has its headquarter in Zürich. South Pole specialize in green investments, climate actions for businesses, climate risk assessment and, renewable energy(!). Started as a handful people with great ideas back in the 2006, now their offices are spread over 30 countries, such as Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, and more. And wait for it: their mascot is a penguin, and the team calls themselves as penguins.
Sustainability, Switzerland, penguins?! Instant love for us.
We recommend that you take a look at [their blog]( that covers their cool projects such as forest conservation, wild animal protection, clean water project for communities.
## When your passion overlaps
So this is a really ideal case for both of us, for team ungleich and team South Pole. When we are passionate about our goal of sustainability, it is thrilling that the parties we provide our services for or get services from has the same mission. Enabling others who are having the same visions for the future as we do - hey, that's what this is all about!
We are very proud that we have such cool customers who understand and support us for the shared goal of greener future, in Switzerland and worldwide.