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the biggest ipv6 bargain ever

Nico Schottelius 3 years ago
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title: The biggest IPv6 bargain ever: Black IPv6 Friday
pub_date: 2019-11-15
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
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The world's first Black IPv6 Friday campaign starts today!
![Back IPv6 Friday](/u/blackipv6friday.png)
## TL;DR
IPv6 allows you to deploy the same things, just with less money.
And right now it get's even crazy with [up to 50%
on even the already very affordable IPv6 only offers.
*Valid only until 2019-11-29*.
## The Black IPv6 Friday
So you have probably heard about the
Black Friday, haven you?
We want to take this to the next level with the
**Black IPv6 Friday**, which might be **the biggest discount on IPv6
only services in history**!
## IP... what?
You might have heard some things about
[IPv6]( already, but what you might
not know yet is that you can actually save money by using
IPv6. Significantly. But let's first have a short look what IPv6
actually is.
## The IPv6 and IPv4 Internet
IPv4 is the "old", some people even call it "legacy", Internet. It has
been in use for a while, however its
[shortage of addresses](
[has become a real
problem](/u/blog/when-does-ripe-run-out-of-ipv4-addresses/). Whenever
there is a shortage, prices jump up steeply and, in the end, the
end customer has to pay that price.
To fix this problem, the successor IPv6 was designed with a huge
amount of addresses. Not an infinite number, but for everything that
we want to do in our lifetime, we could call it "almost infinite".
For many years, vendors and providers were only slowly adapting
IPv6. However with the imminent IPv4 exhaustion in 2019, the game
changed and IPv6 has become a hot topic everywhere.
## How you save money by using IPv6
And this brings us to how you can save money with IPv6: instead of
renting IPv4 addresses at home, in the office or at your cloud
provider, you can now rely on IPv6 only. There also exists support to
enable IPv6 only services to the IPv4 Internet - and that is even for
## The biggest IPv6 bargain
So with all of this, one should probably be inclined to go with
IPv6. However, we just wanted to make it even easier for you to get
started and offer **up to 50% discount** on the regular offers. This
deal is available on the [crowdfunding campaign on](
But beware: it only gets real if the goal of 20'000 CHF is reached -
otherwise there will be a 100% refund.