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title: IPv6 for you
subtitle: Getting IPv6 into your infrastructure
## TL;DR
If you need to have IPv6 and don't have the fitting resources, we can
help you to get your network and services IPv6 ready.
## Introduction
We have been in the IPv6 world for a while and seen companies
struggling with their first or intermediate steps towards
Many times we have witnessed that customers and users request IPv6
from their service providers and the answers were
* We have it on a plan
* We do not have it on the plan at all
We understand that adding a new technology stack to your
infrastructure is not always easy, especially if you don't have the
resources in-house.
## IPv6 consultancy from ungleich
For this reason we offer our knowledge with running data centers and
IPv6 only networks in terms on consultancy for you.
Below you find a list of typical services we offer.
## Services
### Network, Application and Requirement Analysis
One of the first steps towards IPv6 enabled networks is to find out
what the needs are and how the current situation looks like. Whether
it is implementing IPv6 in your network or in the software stack, a
thorough analysis can save resources at a later stage.
### Cost comparison
Going IPv6 cannot only help your organisation to stay up-to-date, but
it can also reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). We help you
analysing the current cost and create a comparison of the resources
required with IPv6.
Often running **IPv6 only networks** can save resources, because the
degree of complexity is reduced and less IPv4 addresses are
In fact, many networks can operate completely without IPv4, only
requiring an NAT64 service.
### Implementation and migration plans
Once you know where youw want to go it is important to keep an eye on
the migration paths. Are there downtimes necessary? When should they
happen? Which equipment needs to be replaced or updated?
Each organisation has different needs and each organisation should
take the path that is best in their situation.
We help you finding the best path in your situation.
### Network setup
Apart from preparing the migration towards IPv6, we can also aid or
even fully implement the IPv6 migration for you.
### IPv6 education
Our [education](/u/projects/education/) program features a variety of
topics including IPv6 courses. If your or your staff is interested in
knowing how to setup, design and maintain IPv6 services and
infrastructures, we can provide courses in Glarus, Switzerland or
### IPv6 Security Analysis
IPv6, like IPv4, needs to be deployed in a secure way. We help you
finding out which security policies are adequate for your
situation. Together with you we create a policy and, if you wish, also
detailed firewall rules.
### Network maintenance
If your daily business is not running networks, we can also manage
your networks. Whether it is an office network, a data center network
or a large scale university network - we can aid in choosing the right
components maintaining your infrastructure so that you can concentrate
on your daily business.
### IPv6 Community Communication
If you are implementing IPv6 based on customer or user requests,
communication with your customers is a key element. Providing more
details than just "IPv6 is planned" gives your customers confidence in
the process and can help to keep your users, even if IPv6 cannot be
implemented right away.
## Request a quote
If you are interested in IPv6 consultancy, you can [contact](/contact)
us and reach out for a quote.