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_model: deals
title: Deals
subtitle: Special offers for you

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title: Penguin Day 2020
subtitle: Draw your own cute penguin and get 10% discount
## 2020-01-06: The first penguin day in 2020!
You might already know, we are really into [penguin
So much that we would love to see your penguin drawings.
And because we like penguins so much, we give you a 10% discount
on any virtual machine from
[Data Center Light]( or
[IPv6 Only Hosting](
for anyone who sends us a penguin drawing!
## How it works
Draw your own penguin or a penguin comic and
tweet it to [@ungleich]( by
latest 2020-01-06 midnight (CET) and follows us so that we can send
you a DM on how to use your discount.
The discount can be redeemed until 2020-01-31 and applies to a VM of
any size (i.e. smallest to biggest and everything in between). The
discount stays for as long as the VM stays active.

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name = Deals
label = Deals
hidden = yes
label = Title
type = string
label = Subtitle
type = string
order_by = -pub_date, title
model = page-2020

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