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title: /u/: the new home of ungleich
title: Welcome to ungleich
We are changing our CMS and our blog to a static
system based on [lektor](
Checkout the **source
code** on [](
Eventually, we might move all content from
[]( into this CMS.
body: old content
## About us
We are an IPv6/Linux/FOSS company always challenging the status-quo of
existing technologies.
## What we do
We provide VPS and
[cloud storage](/u/products/zero-carbon-cloud)
in the zero-carbon data center [Data Center
We offer consultancy in the areas
We also maintain customer networks in Switzerland and we
[support open source](/u/projects/open-source) on a daily basis.
We also support the local economic development with the [Digital
Glarus](/u/projects/digital-glarus) project.