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@ -127,3 +127,23 @@ At ungleich we love
moment it only supports VLANs and not VXLANs. How amazing would it be,
if it also supported VXLANs? The bounty for adding this upstream is
__50 CHF__.
### Bounty 5: Allow wireguard to automatically switch the underlying IP version
If you establish a VPN connection with wireguard, it resolves the
hostname in your configuration and remembers that IP address.
This is problematic, because if you connect to the VPN server in an
IPv6 only network and then later switch to an IPv4 only network,
wireguard will never reconnect. The same problem appears if you switch
the other way round.
We offer a __150 CHF__ bounty for the person who successfully
patches/integrates/releases something (it can be a daemon, a patch)
open source that allows seamless transition between the different IP
On the wireguard mailing list it was discussed whether a peer can have
multiple IP addresses. This could be a proper solution, as it also
addresses the case when a VPN server has multiple IPv6 or IPv4