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@ -27,26 +27,28 @@ maintenance cost has become too high.
The wording is orientated on
**This document is an early draft**
**This document is an early draft**. If you have any comments /
improvements, please help us to improve it on the [IPv6 Chat](
## IPv6 autoconfiguration
All devices must assign themselves an IPv6 address upon receival of a
router advertisement (compare
## IPv6 listener
If the device is providing any service, all services **must** bind to
IPv6 sockets (compare [RFC3493](
IPv6 sockets (compare
[RFC3493]( Device **may** also
bind to IPv4 sockets.
## Outgoing connections
All devices **must** support requesting **all** resources via IPv6
only connections. This does not imply that the vendor resource has to
be reachable by IPv6, as the network operator might provide a NAT64
service. Devices **may** also try connecting by IPv4.
## Support for IPv6 DNS servers via router advertisements
@ -70,5 +72,5 @@ reporting, etc.), it **must not** have any hardcoded IPv4 address.
## Updates
IF a device is receiving software updates, it must be able to receive
IF a device is receiving software updates, it **must** be able to receive
software updates in IPv6 only networks.