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title: Hack-a-job (2019 edition)
pub_date: 2019-10-08
author: ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
_hidden: yes
_discoverable: no
Hack a job in 42 hours and live in Switzerland afterwards.
On the 1st of November to 3rd of November the 2019 edition of
**Hack a job** will take place in the Hacking Hotel Diesbach,
## Hack a what?
We are a team of hackers running the [Data Center
Light]( at ungleich and we think
that hacking to get a job is the right way
of finding someone fitting to us.
## How does it work?
At hack a job you have one weekend to show your skills. You will be
given the choice of three different tasks and you choose one of them.
You then have 42 hours to do your best to solve the task. During these
42 hours, we will coach you and direct you into the right direction.
During that time, food and drinks will be provided.
## Who can apply?
At this Hack a job edition anybody can apply, who can start working in
Switzerland without special work permits. This usually includes
* citizens of EU/EFTA countries
* Swiss citizens
for more details.
Unfortunately we cannot offer anyone from
"third states" to participate, as this has complicated and partially
impossible constraints for hiring attached.
## What if I win?
The winner(s) of hack-a-job are getting offered the following:
* A 1 year contract with ungleich, likely to be extended
* A monthly pre-tax salary of 2'500 CHF
* A paid stay in the Hacking Hotel with IPv6 native 10 Gbit/s network
* A halb tax (half fare) card for Switzerland
Additionally you can request to be reimbursed for the travel expenses
to Hack-a-Job.
### What if I don't win?
Even if you are not selected, it is a great learning to take home.
You will get
## The schedule
* 2019-10-08: Openning of CfP
* 2019-10-20: midnight UTC: close of CfP
* 2019-10-22: Notification of
* 2019-11-01: 13-15: Hacking Hotel Opens for arrival, registration
* 2019-11-01: 15-16: Introduction of the three tasks
* 2019-11-01-1700 to 2019-11-03-1100: 42 to solve the task
* 2019-11-03-1100 to 1300: Presentations
* 2019-11-03-1300 to 1500: Final lunch
* 2019-11-03-1300 to 1500: Jury meeting
* 2019-11-03-1500: Presentation of jury ratings and notification of winner(s)
## How to prepare?
We recommend to refresh your knowledge of the following topics prior
to participation:
* Python3: you should be able to code mildly complex programs
* HTTP / REST: you should be able to talk REST
* Networking: Basic knowledge of IPv6 (including multicast), VLAN and
* OS: knowledge of either Linux or BSD, Unix commandline, Shell scripting
## Who gets the job?
Up to two people can stay and to join our team.
The criteria for evaluation can be seen below.
Note: there is **no right for anyone** to the job.
### Degree of success
How much of the task did you get done?
Is it solved
* not at all
* partially
* mostly
* fully
### Cleanliness of the solution
Is your solution
* documented?
* easy to understand?
* using best practice?
### Creativity of the solution
Did you think out-of-the-box? Are you employing smart solutions?
### Sustainability / Unix Philosophy
How much did you think about running your application for longer?
Did you follow the unix philosophy?
### Communication
Work is only worth something, if other team members can work with
you. How do you communicate with the mentors, how do you present your