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subtitle: Your space in Data Center Light
feature1_title: Necessary
feature1_title: Renewable Energy
feature1_text: We [ran out of IPv4
by the end of 2019. While you can acquire IPv4 space on the market, it
is very expensive and effectively limiting new projects to come into
existence. IPv6 fixes all of this, today.
feature1_text: Your hardware is fully powered by renewable energy.
feature2_title: Sustainable & Simple
feature2_title: Located in Switzerland
feature2_text: Compared to IPv4 only or Dual Stack VMs, IPv6 only VMs
are the only ones really ready for the future.
**IPv4** only VMs already face the problem that they cannot reach resources in the IPv6
Internet. Dual stack VMs are increasing complexity and difficulty,
especially when it comes to firewall rules and security.
feature2_text: Our data center locations are based in Glarus in the
middle of Switzerland. Not only is it one of the safest places on
earth, it is also naturally cool.
feature3_title: Connected
feature3_title: Customisable
Even with IPv6 only VMs you are not isolated from the legacy (IPv4)
Internet. Our
services allow your VM to connect anywhere in the legacy
Internet. And even the legacy Internet can connect to you, using an
[IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy](!
feature3_text: Your colocation can be fully customised to your
needs. Space, connectivity, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be freely configured.
IPv6 only hosting is giving you access to virtual machines that will
become the standard tomorrow, already today. Instead of managing
legacy IP VMs with NAT, creating floating IP addresses and complex
firewall setups, all this burden is lifted away with IPv6 only VMs.
Additionally you can request a /64 network to be routed to your VM,
for free!
At [Data Center Light](/u/projects/data-center-light) we don't use
traditional racks. Instead we give each server enough space (on
average 4m² surrounding area). This way we don't need to actively cool.
## How it works
If you want to bring your own hardware, you can select from the
following options:
## Space
For one server we provide you with 1m² of physical shelf space. We
call this our "base unit".
Your server can be 1U, 2U or even 4U high. Contact us for special sizes.
We expect your server to not create more warmth than 3000 BTU/h. If it
produces more heat, you will need to add more base units.
## Electricity
Your electricity usage is monitored and charged monthly. The price for
electricity is 0.2 CHF/kWh.
## Connectivity
We offer 3 levels of connectivity:
* 10 Mbit/s (burstable 1000 Mbit/s) - 15 CHF/month
* 100 Mbit/s (burstable 1000 Mbit/s) - 75 CHF/month
* 1000 Mbit/s - 400 CHF/month
10 and 100 Mbit/s are calculated on the 95% rule.
Most customers select the 100 Mbit/s option.
Bandwidth exceeding the booked tarif is charged at 2.5 CHF/Mbps.
You get a multi mode fiber cable (850nm transceivers) to your shelf.
## IP addresses
* Colocation includes a /48 IPv6 network for free
* IPv4 addresses are provided using NAT64 for 9 CHF/IPv4 address/month
## Setup Fee
The one time setup fee is 100 CHF. It includes configuring a VLAN
dedicated for you and adding routing to your own network.
## Sample calculations
* 1 base unit, 100 Mbit, /48 IPv6, no IPv4 = 50 + 75 = 125 CHF/month
* 2 base units, 100 Mbit, /48 IPv6, 2 IPv4 addresses = 2*50 + 75 + 2*9 = 193 CHF/month
* 4 base units, 100 Mbit, /48 IPv6, 40 IPv4 addresses = 4*50 + 75 + 40*9 = 635 CHF/month
* 4 base units, 1000 Mbit/s, /48 IPv6, no IPv4 = 4*50 + 400 = 600 CHF/month
## Fine print
All prices listed as usual without vat.