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title: Data Storage
subtitle: Stored safely in Switzerland
feature1_title: Neutral
Switzerland is a neutral country and politically stable.
feature3_title: Safe
Switzerland has strong privacy laws and we protect your data.
feature2_title: Sustainable & Renewable energy
feature2_text: Our data center is built on core concepts
of sustainability and only uses 100% renewable energy.
Read more about [how to sustainable store your data](
We offer a variety of methods to store your data safely in
Switzerland. [Glarnercloud]( is our Nextcloud
based offer to allow an easy way of storing your data and
synchronising it with all your devices.
Alternatively you can also manage your own
[virtual machine](, it is even possible to
do this with an [IPv6 only VM](
We also have a beta program for S3 compatible storage. Send a mail
to support at if you are interested in using it.