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title: Zero Carbon Cloud
subtitle: backed by 100% renewable energy
feature1_title: Go fully renewable
feature1_text: Stop storing your data in servers run by dirty energy, we use 100% renewable power from Swiss Alps for running our computers for storing your data.
feature2_title: Go fully sustainable
feature2_text: New hardwares are as bad as fast fashion in terms of the environment. We opt for fully reusing hardwares and buildings to extend the lifecycle of technology.
feature3_title: Go fully conscious
feature3_text: Our services are mission-coherent: slim down everything as much as possible for reducing computer power and energy consumption.
## What is Zero Carbon Cloud?
In the era of rapid climate change and sea level rise, we're here to provide an alternative system that does not use environmentally harmful energy sources. It is a safe and clean alternative to your dropbox or google cloud: our cloud storage service is built with sustainability to its core: it is fully renewable and fully recycled.
## Who is Zero Carbon Cloud for?
Zero carbon cloud is suitable for everybody who wants to
make a better choice for our environmental future. It is especially
suitable for the following usecase.
* If you deal with x GB data or more per month from your phone, tablet, desktop comuter,
laptop computer, servers.
* If your work requires to store or back up data digitally.
* If your work requires to move x GB data from one device to another.
* If you are looking for a cloud service in which you can store your data without
compromising your privacy.
* If your country’s privacy laws are less reliable than Switzerland.
* If you are located at a geographic region where the political
climate is less stable than your data need to be.
## How can I access it?
You can access the storage easily access the storage from your desktop, mobile phone, tablet and of course laptop.
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## Tech stack
Zero Carbon cloud is your own Nextcloud instance stored and run at our datacenter located in Switzerland.
At carbon zero cloud you'll have
* fully scalable storage and backup
* your offsite backup for your own NAS
* unlimited bandwith under fair use policy
* our zero carbon emission cloud certificate exposable on your own website
* safe data storage protected by Swiss privacy laws
* monthly or yearly credit card payment option, or wire transfer payment option
* discount for larger plans so you can be compensated more for the carbon emission you saved
At carbon zero cloud you will not have
* storage run by fossil fuel and unsustainable energy based services
* spam mails from us which uses unnecessary bytes that costs all of us from our environment
* cryptocurrency payment option. we do not endorse the cryptocurrency mining which uses excessive computing power which results in more carbon emission
* unnecessary frills in our web interface which again increases the
computing power and results in more carbon emission
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