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title: Virtual Machine Hosting
subtitle: Sustainable, green and safe
feature1_title: Full virtualisation
feature1_text: All our virtual machines use full virtualisation. This
way we can offer a variety of different operating systems that would
not be possible with container technologies alone.
feature2_title: Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy!
feature2_text: Every data block of every virtual machine is saved
three times on three different computers. This way if one or even two
storage nodes fail at the same time, no data is lost. The underlying
technology we use is [CEPH](https://ceph.com).
We also offer creating special backup VMs in a geolocation different
data center so that even in a disaster case you still have a backup of
your data.
feature3_title: Scalable
feature3_text: It is easy to start small and to grow your VM over
time. And you can grow quite far:
You need 64 cores in one VM? We have it. You need 1 TB of RAM in a VM?
We have it. You need 1 PB (1024 TB) Storage in your VM? You get it.
As you might know, all our data centers are built upon the principle
of sustainability. We reuse old factory halls, we acquire used
hardware (with fresh SSDs and fresh HDDs), we produce our own
electricity locally.
And importantly: we don't cool our servers. Instead we give each
server enough space to breath (on average: 4 square meters).
We have two different virtual machine offers:
* [The future guiding IPv6 only hosting](https://ipv6onlyhosting.com)
* [The traditional dual stack hosting on DataCenterLight.ch](https://datacenterlight.ch)
The difference between them is that the **IPv6 Only hosting** comes
without IPv4 addresses and has a lower pricing. The lower pricing
comes from the scarcity of IPv4 addresses: there is only a very limited
pool of IPv4 addresses.
Both offers include an optional /64 IPv6 network that you receive on
request and both offers can also be extended with HDD storage for 1.5
CHF/month per 100 GB storage.