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title: How to enable IPv6 in applications
pub_date: 2019-09-26
author: Team ungleich
twitter_handle: ungleich
New to IPv6? Wondering how to enable IPv6 in your favorite
application? Then this blog entry is for you.
In this blog article you'll find some hints on how to enable IPv6 for
various applications.
## How to enable IPv6 in nginx
The web server [nginx]( by default only listens to IPv4 if you use
the standard `listen *:80;` directive. To enable IPv6, use
`listen [::]:80;`. So for a dual stack server, your configuration
could look as follows:
server {
listen *:80;
listen [::]:80;
## How to enable IPv6 in HAProxy
There are various interesting configuration options in
[HAProxy]( related
to IPv6. Let's have a look at each of them!
To enable IPv6 transport for the local logging, use `log [::1]` in the
global section:
log [::1] local2
If you want a frontend to listen to either IPv6 or IPv4 only, you can
use the `ipv6@` prefix as follows:
# IPv6 http frontend
frontend httpipv6
bind ipv6@:80
mode http
# IPv4 http frontend
frontend httpipv4
bind ipv4@:80
mode http
If you want to connect to the backends only via a specific protocol,
we can use the prefix syntax there as well:
backend httpipv4
mode http
use-server if { hdr(host) -i }
To proxy IPv6 requests to IPv4 only [twitter](, you could
use the following configuration:
# ipv6 https
frontend httpsipv6
bind ipv6@:443
mode tcp
option tcplog
tcp-request inspect-delay 5s
tcp-request content accept if { req_ssl_hello_type 1 }
default_backend httpsipv6
backend httpsipv6
mode tcp
use-server if { req_ssl_sni -i }
## How to enable IPv6 in Lektor
The static CMS [lektor](
by default serves on IPv4. To serve on IPv6
localhost use `-h ::1`, to be globally reachable use `-h ::`.
# Serve on IPv6 localhost
% lektor serve -h ::1
# Serve on IPv6 (globally reachable)
% lektor serve -h ::
## Other applications
If you know about other applications or want to enhance one of our
configuration, we invite you to join the [IPv6
chat]( or [write to us on