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[OpenNebula-images] Add scripts to generate FreeBSD images.

Tested for 12.1-RELEASE, 11.3-STABLE should be tested as well.

Two scripts are added, takes
information from the environment and generates the specified image with either
dualstack or IPv6-only kernel and base applications. has the versions supported in DCL and
all neeeded images (combination of Version x Network support).

This should run in a DCL VM with an OK amount of cores (4/8 minimum), 2-4G RAM,
and storage of roughly 20G + 5G * #resulting_images.

This is because there is the base system, a 'pristine chroot', and during the
build there can be 2 copies of the resulting system written to the system.
Since there are 4 combinations of images:
  {STABLE,RELEASE} x {dualstack, IPv6ONLY}

That means we'll need to assign about 40G storage to be on the safe side.
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