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1 year ago
## Objective
Allow a service to acquire a DNS name and a certificate for the DNS
## Potential flow
* A deployment (?) with annotations domain: is created
* The DNS entry pointing to the Service is created
* The certifcatce for is requested/stored
* All pods get access to the certificate, serve https
1 year ago
## Certificate for a service [sketch]
* Have one pod listening on port 80 / doing certbot from time to time
* The cert is stored as a configmap (?) or other volume
* The application containers read the certificate
* ... and are restarted on ... ??
* Job+Cronjob could do the job
* Deletion of certificate?
* With the volume/configmap
* Port 80 of the IP nginx with certbot webroot
* webroot shared with certbot container
1 year ago
## DNS
* Could try to reuse existing CoreDNS
1 year ago
** Maybe even via
1 year ago
## Letsencrypt / Certificates for services [WIP]
* Maybe using certmanager
kubectl apply -f
1 year ago
## Container flow / certificate renewal
* Assume a shell script as init
* checking for the required certificate at /etc/letsencrypt/...
* starting nginx when available, caching the checksum (in a shell variable)
* Check the file once per hour, reload nginx if it happened