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## Introduction
The following guide shows how to setup an IPv6 only cluster at ungleich.
## Steps
- Boot Alpine
- Configure with cdist
- Configure with cdist to get cri-o configured
## Control plane
Initialise with all components:
kubeadm init -service-cidr 2a0a:e5c0:13:aaa::/108 --pod-network-cidr 2a0a:e5c0:13:bbb::/64
We cannot yet skip kube-proxy, because calico does not support eBPF
for IPv6. Cilium supports IPv6 eBPF, but on the other hand does not
support automatic BGP peering. So the following **does not** work:
kubeadm init --skip-phases=addon/kube-proxy --service-cidr 2a0a:e5c0:13:aaa::/108 --pod-network-cidr 2a0a:e5c0:13:bbb::/64
## Alpine / kubelet hack
Due to some misconfiguration on alpine, **DURING** the **kubeadm
init** we need to modify the **generated**
/var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml to replace "cgroupDriver: systemd" with
"cgroupDriver: cgroupfs".
The same is necessary on the worker nodes, however that can be done
anytime before you plan to schedule containers on them, after the
**kubeadm join** request.
## Worker nodes