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@ -33,3 +33,21 @@ kubectl -n rook-ceph exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- bash
kubectl apply -f pvc.yaml
kubectl get pvc
kubectl describe pvc
kubectl get pv
kubectl describe pv
Digging into ceph, seeing the actual image:
[20:05] server47.place7:~# kubectl -n rook-ceph exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- rbd -p replicapool ls
[20:11] server47.place7:~#

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@ -0,0 +1,34 @@
kind: StorageClass
name: rook-cephfs
provisioner: # driver:namespace:operator
# clusterID is the namespace where operator is deployed.
clusterID: rook-ceph # namespace:cluster
# CephFS filesystem name into which the volume shall be created
fsName: myfs
# Ceph pool into which the volume shall be created
# Required for provisionVolume: "true"
pool: myfs-data0
# The secrets contain Ceph admin credentials. These are generated automatically by the operator
# in the same namespace as the cluster. rook-csi-cephfs-provisioner rook-ceph # namespace:cluster rook-csi-cephfs-provisioner rook-ceph # namespace:cluster rook-csi-cephfs-node rook-ceph # namespace:cluster
# (optional) The driver can use either ceph-fuse (fuse) or ceph kernel client (kernel)
# If omitted, default volume mounter will be used - this is determined by probing for ceph-fuse
# or by setting the default mounter explicitly via --volumemounter command-line argument.
# mounter: kernel
reclaimPolicy: Delete
allowVolumeExpansion: true
# uncomment the following line for debugging
#- debug