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kind: CephBlockPool
name: replicapool
namespace: rook-ceph
failureDomain: host
size: 3
# Disallow setting pool with replica 1, this could lead to data loss without recovery.
# Make sure you're *ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN* that is what you want
requireSafeReplicaSize: true
# gives a hint (%) to Ceph in terms of expected consumption of the total cluster capacity of a given pool
# for more info:
#targetSizeRatio: .5
kind: StorageClass
name: rook-ceph-block
# Change "rook-ceph" provisioner prefix to match the operator namespace if needed
# clusterID is the namespace where the rook cluster is running
# If you change this namespace, also change the namespace below where the secret namespaces are defined
clusterID: rook-ceph # namespace:cluster
# If you want to use erasure coded pool with RBD, you need to create
# two pools. one erasure coded and one replicated.
# You need to specify the replicated pool here in the `pool` parameter, it is
# used for the metadata of the images.
# The erasure coded pool must be set as the `dataPool` parameter below.
#dataPool: ec-data-pool
pool: replicapool
# (optional) mapOptions is a comma-separated list of map options.
# For krbd options refer
# For nbd options refer
# mapOptions: lock_on_read,queue_depth=1024
# (optional) unmapOptions is a comma-separated list of unmap options.
# For krbd options refer
# For nbd options refer
# unmapOptions: force
# RBD image format. Defaults to "2".
imageFormat: "2"
# RBD image features. Available for imageFormat: "2". CSI RBD currently supports only `layering` feature.
imageFeatures: layering
# The secrets contain Ceph admin credentials. These are generated automatically by the operator
# in the same namespace as the cluster. rook-csi-rbd-provisioner rook-ceph # namespace:cluster rook-csi-rbd-provisioner rook-ceph # namespace:cluster rook-csi-rbd-node rook-ceph # namespace:cluster
# Specify the filesystem type of the volume. If not specified, csi-provisioner
# will set default as `ext4`. Note that `xfs` is not recommended due to potential deadlock
# in hyperconverged settings where the volume is mounted on the same node as the osds. ext4
# uncomment the following to use rbd-nbd as mounter on supported nodes
# **IMPORTANT**: If you are using rbd-nbd as the mounter, during upgrade you will be hit a ceph-csi
# issue that causes the mount to be disconnected. You will need to follow special upgrade steps
# to restart your application pods. Therefore, this option is not recommended.
#mounter: rbd-nbd
allowVolumeExpansion: true
reclaimPolicy: Delete