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Host tunings

To fix

"component":"virt-handler","level":"error","msg":"Error starting tun
device plugin","pos":"device_controller.go:73","reason":"failed to add
the device root path to the watcher: no such file or


modprobe tun

To fix

  Warning  FailedScheduling  67s (x2 over 69s)  default-scheduler  0/4
  nodes are available: 1 node(s) had taint
  {node-role.kubernetes.io/master: }, that the pod didn't tolerate, 3
  Insufficient devices.kubevirt.io/vhost-net.

modprobe vhost_net

Failing to create tap devices

failed to configure vmi network: Critical network error: error
creating tap device named tap0; failed to create tap device tap0: exit
status 1

Unknown reason. Encountered in kubevirt v0.35.0.