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Creating a service or VM


  • have kustomized manifests
  • creates IPv6 only, probably certificate enabled service
  • external (???) proxy
    • internal: could have a mapped IPv4 address
  • pvc for storage
  • rbd vs cephfs decision in general + per use case

External/other DNS

  • needs to be pointed to the service IP
  • kustomized manifests need to be updated/annotated ("also this domain")

Kubernetes services


Get the flux binary, run:

flux check --pre

Fix any problems, then continue.

Service List

DNS servers

  • bind / knot
  • authoritatitve
  • files in cephfs?
  • IPv4 from outside (jool)?



  • moving sample site(s)
  • f.i. ula registry


  • cephfs based pvc


  • via mapped IPv4 for outside
  • via routing -- might be able to includ bird (?)
  • network mapping in kustomize, later netbox api?
  • peers in configmap (?)


  • pvc -> cephfs, s3, rbd?
    • need to test resize


  • can we use a crd/operator for this?
  • Jool inside cluster
  • Routed /24 or similar
  • Distribution based on label(s) to pods/services
  • Maybe using an ingress (+IPv4)


  • Distributed over places?