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IPv6 only kubernetes clusters

This project is testing, deploying and using IPv6 only k8s clusters.



  • networking (calico)
  • ceph with rook (cephfs, rbd)

Not (yet) working or tested

  • virtualisation (VMs, kubevirt)
  • letsencrypt
  • network policies
  • prometheus in the cluster
  • argocd (?) for CI and upgrades
  • Maybe LoadBalancer support (our ClusterIP already does that though)
  • (Other) DNS entrys for services

Cluster setup

  • Calico CNI with BGP peering to our upstream infrastructure
  • Rook for RBD and CephFS support


We are using a custom kubeadm.conf to

  • configure the cgroupdriver
  • configure the IP addresses
kubeadm init --config v3-calico/kubeadm-config-p7-v2.yaml