(pseudo) incremental backup with different exclude lists using hardlinks and rsync
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Darko Poljak eeccc0b260 Release 2.3 4 years ago
ccollect_mgr add hints on pre_exec error handling 12 years ago
exclude_lists add standard exclude list for debian 10 years ago
jbrendel-autobackup add backup manager from Jens-Christoph Brendel 13 years ago
jlawless-2009-06-03 add updated patches from john 13 years ago
lucky-2009-07-22 add luckys patches 13 years ago
thorsten_start_ccollect add start script from thorsten 12 years ago
README Add README for contrib 13 years ago
ccollect.spec Release 2.3 4 years ago


This directory contains patches or programs contributed by others
which are either not yet integrated into ccollect or may be kept
seperated generally.