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__lxc_container: updated todo.txt about type splitting

Because it will get a mess when adding every option to __lxc_container
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# List of all featues that should be implemented
template (common parameters):
- type: a.E. debian, ubuntu -> what on change?
- possible root_password?
- possible packages?
......@@ -7,10 +7,27 @@ template:
auto.. (lxc autostart):
- group
- start
handling networking?
- address
- bridge? (at default file?)
- remove whole sections
- keep prettier config files?
- own type for config?
does it conflict with the current one?
own __lxc_default type?
`lxc-config lxc.default_config`
without lxcpath cause singleton?
Splitting up type? (all times the library question :-) )
__lxc_container (umbrella; creating,cloning,destroying??)
__lxc_container_config (single key-values)
__lxc_container_state (only running,freezed,stopped??)
All common library files (except explorer things sadly) could be kept under __lxc_container.
if multi-valued object ids come to be a thing, following pattern is also used internal at lxc:
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