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An alternative / complementary approach to notifications: triggers (or actions?)
A type may support various actions by creating files in its subdirectory
"actions". Other types can trigger an action of a different type or object
by calling them (indirectly?):
if grep "__file/etc/nginx/conf.d/.*:copy" "$__notifications"; then
# Call action from a type
cdist trigger __nginx/reload
Not sure whether this approach (calling "actions" of other types) is sane,
as nginx should probably better know if it should be restarted "itself".
Alternate approach:
__nginx_vhost www.some-domain.ch --custom << eof
some custom code for __nginx_vhost inclusion
# __nginx_vhost requires __nginx: creates directories
require"$__object_name" __nginx --require-only
# Do WE or __file ... depend on nginx?
cdist require __nginx
# Create file that contains the giving code
__file /etc/nginx/conf.d/www.some-domain.ch
require="__nginx" __file /etc/nginx/conf.d/www.some-domain.ch
__package nginx --state present
__file some-custom-files
if first_install or file changed: