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- Remote exec: always into file for debug purposes?
- Argumente via evn(TYPNAME_PROPERTYNAME)?
- Kleber zwischen package/provider/pacman/install und type/package/ muss in type oder sein!
- $somebody defines default / mapping from $type to $provider
- may depend on $explore_variables
- Alternativ dir structure?
required # required | optional
choices # \n liste
default (shell script)
- allow user to add or overwrite types, providers, etc.
- property vs. option vs. parameter vs. attribute vs. mittagessen
! cleanly define interface between type/provider and cdist core
- easy documentation generatior
- cool error messages
- up-to-date documentation
- validation of user input possible before type called (compile stage)
- find $type => list of ${parameters/term to be defined/see above}
- __package apache [--name nginx]
- type package defines mapping of unique id to ${parameters/term to be defined/see above}
- if --name given, creates config entry below apache
- type2cconfig: define!
- steven: git!!!!!!!!!! [TODAY!!!!!!!!!]
- client status als cconfig => diff possibility
- vs. provider checks && cares abuot what todo
- register creation in cconfig tree to find out how created the first entry!!!
- to warn user "created x already at y, trying to recreate at z"