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- cdist-deploy-to = main script
- all user usable variables are defined using export __var=...
- cdist-explorer return one line of output (or empty)
- cdist-manifest-init: generates what the user defined to be configured on target host
- HACKERS_README == starting point (until 1.0)
- [12:49] kr:cdist% __cdist_config=$(pwd -P)/conf cdist-manifest-init
- cdist_tree_wrapper == non-user-binary => libexec
- conf/explorer collection of explorer
- config-layout: current status of configuration
- needs to go into manpage
- TODO: contains most up-to-date todo stuff, mid-term
- ROADMAP: next steps
- Documentation must be bit better than excellent at first release
- test/: ignore (braindump and pre-braindump)
- conf/
cache: generated
explorer: ok => contains explores
lib: deprecated (does not exist)
manifests: entry point for config2host
types: cdist-types(7)
- alternative names for explorer:
- probe
- fact
- ...
- explorer / execution:
- see explorer-implementation-ideas.TO_FINISH_AND_DELETE
- cdist-preprocess:
- fix call to cdist-build-explorer and transfer explorer to target host
- cdist-manifest-init/ cdist_tree_wrapper:
- fails on second run => use different cache! (old cache exists until new is valid!)
- .source in cdist_tree_wrapper records wrong source!
- cdist-config:
- use export to mark user available variables!
- doc/man/* => defined in TODO
- ids containing slashes for easier use in types?
- a) __file abc --source /path/from/abc --destination /path/to/abc
- b) id=abc
__file $id --source /path/from/$id --destination /path/to/$id
- c) __file abc --sourcedir /path/from/ --destination_dir /path/to/
- type file defines that id is implicitly used when --...dir variants used
- d) __file /path/to/abc --source ? --destination ?
- reusing id with slashes would be nice