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- new executable cinst-deploy-to
- types used by cinst are marked as such ('cinst-only')
- cdist-deploy-to and cinst-deploy-to read the same manifest
- cdist ignores types marked as 'cinst-only'
- cinst ignores types not marked as 'cinst-only'
- update $__explorer/os to recognize preos
- cinst types will ONLY BE CALLED if $__explorer/os == 'preos'
cinst types:
__partition_msdos /dev/sda1 --type 83 --size 100M --bootable
__partition_msdos /dev/sda2 --type 82 --size 512M
__fs_jfs /dev/sda1 --args "-c -q"
__fstab_entry /dev/sda1 --type jfs --mountpoint / --options noatime --freq 0 --passno 0
__fstab_entry /dev/sda2 --type swap