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create a new branch to ensure nothing breaks
% git checkout -b 2.1_merge
fetch latest upstream changes (change origin if you use another
remote name for upstream cdist)
% git fetch -v origin
Now try to merge upstream into the new branch.
% git merge origin/2.1
fix any conflicts that may have been occurred due to local changes
and then **git add** and *git commit** those changes.
As the types have a new location, **cdist/conf/** now, you have to move
your own types there as well:
% git mv conf/type/* cdist/conf/
The manifest location also changed, so move this one as well:
% git mv conf/manifest/* cdist/conf/manifest/
Use **git status** to review the changes and ensure they
are in the git database:
% git commit -m "Move types and manifests for 2.1 migration"
This should be everything necessary for a 2.1 migration. Test the result
by running cdist on one of your staging hosts:
% ./bin/cdist config -v staging-host
You can now cleanup the empty conf/ directory:
% rmdir conf/* && rmdir conf
Boolean parameter introduced:
__directory /path/to --parents yes => __directory /path/to --parents