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Steven, Nico (ETH office)
- Try out patch for dependency resolver changing from [nico]
- Add tests
- Cleanup code:
- remove all old resolver parts (including tests!)
- remve wildcard matching pattern code
- Cache: [nobody]
- Should cache be usable by types?
- Should all run outputs be stored?
- Different caches for install and config
- Replace fsproperties with cconfig [steven]
- Maybe support "rerun from previous version (cache)"? [nobody]
- need to include initial manifest(s!)
- copy/link types
- save remote-{exec,copy} parameters (copy or save argument list)
- cdist replay / oldconfig ?
- Support diffing two configurations [nobody]
- cdist diff ?
- Nested Types [both]
- Motivation:
- Put everything related into one directory
- Have a look at it when Arkaitz pushes out pull request
- Implementations:
1) Arkaitz
Folder structure Call Object
__package/ __package abc __package/abc
__package/type/pkg __package.pkg abc __package.pkg/abc
__package/type/pkg/type/green abc
__package.pkg __package.pkg abc __package.pkg/abc
=> Need to forbid types with "." in the name!
2) Steven (earlier version)
Folder structure Call Object
__package/.type __package abc __package/abc
__package/pkg/.type __package.pkg abc __package.pkg/abc
__package/pkg/green/.type abc
- Clashes:
- if __<type>.<name> and __<type> and subtype <name> exist both (in both implementations)
- Install [nobody]
- Merge into master?
- Needs some cleanups
- PreOS [nobody]
- cdist preos / preos-generate
--type=[usb, cdrom/iso, floppy, pxe]
--other-params (?)
- Maybe implement using cdist config indirectly and a type __preos
- Can be:
- Internally only (devs)
- Usable by end users
- Requirements:
- git
- buildchain
- toolchain for target arch
- ...