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- setup release date in docs/changelog to today manually
- checkout master branch
x check if date is correct in docs/changelog
x ensure all unittests work
- requires (wrong/outdated) versionfile!
x compile manpages
x compile speeches
x add manpages to website repo
x add speeches to website repo
x rsync cdist docs to website repo & add to website repo
x create blog entry & add to website repo
x upload website
x fix latest link for manpages
x send mail to mailinglist -> also requires git tag & git release
x should also require web-release including blog!
- create PKGBUILD for archlinux release
x create git tag / read description
t if necessary create version branch
x change to version branch and merge tag!
x update git repos
x update website from repo
x create release on freecode
x create versionfile
x make pypi release
x make archlinux release
manual last steps:
- announce on linkedin
- announce on twitter