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With Steven
t marker .cdist breaks
- use random marker that starts with .cdist-
- has fixed number of following characters (like 6 or 10)
- write marker name to $__global/marker
- export $__global/marker path as $__marker
- document variable in cdist-reference
- also document the pattern how the marker is built
so that other people may be able to dig into the structure
from outside
t save method
- in $__global/method
- values
- config
- install
- document path and description in cdist-reference
t save whole runtime in cache
- missing items
- initial manifest may be specified on commandline
- always save the initial manifest to $__global/initial-manifest
- currently it is a lost tempfile
- remote exec / remote copy
- save to $__global/remote_exec
- save to $__global/remote_copy
- stdout and stderr of everything
- need to implement Steven's patch of stderr/stdout capturing
- exit code of cdist
- if it is complete, we can use it for replay / reconfigure
- new idea: replay / reconfig / reinstall
- --from-cache?
t stderr/stdout
- capture all messages
- prefix with target_host
- implementation exists in one of Steven's branches
- ping steven for updated pull request
x on error dump all information about the failing object
- where created
- stderr
- stdout
- parameter (+values)
- everything known [tm]
t multiple versions of cache
- see #298
t absolute path of types, explorer
- resolve instead of using the temporary link name
- #305
t report command
- from cache?
- #306
t add session to "run directories"
- instead of /var/lib/cdist (remote)
- instead of static dir in cache
- same id remote and local
- maybe timestamp
- in or excluding the pid of cdist?
- cache
- also save when cdist fails
- save exit code
- be able to restore config
- new command: cdist clean-cache
- --since
- --keep-versions --keep-lala $num
- cdist 4.0.0pre2
- cleanup in preos
- logging for types
cdist log ...?
- cdist logserver
- $__global/log.socket
- fifo?
echo into logpipe?