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import json
from common_fields import Field, VmUUIDField, SpecsField
from import HostPool, HostStatus
from ucloud_common.vm import VmPool, VMStatus
from helper import check_otp
from config import etcd_client as client
from os.path import join
host_pool = HostPool(client, "/v1/host")
vm_pool = VmPool(client, "/v1/vm")
class BaseSchema:
def __init__(self, data, fields=None):
self.__errors = []
if fields is None:
self.fields = []
self.fields = fields
def validation(self):
# custom validation is optional
return True
def is_valid(self):
for field in self.fields:
for parent in self.__class__.__bases__:
except AttributeError:
if not self.__errors:
if self.__errors:
return False
return True
def get_errors(self):
return {"message": self.__errors}
def add_field_errors(self, field: Field):
self.__errors += field.get_errors()
def add_error(self, error):
class OTPSchema(BaseSchema):
def __init__(self, data: dict, fields=None): = Field("name", str, data.get("name", KeyError))
self.realm = Field("realm", str, data.get("realm", KeyError))
self.token = Field("token", str, data.get("token", KeyError))
_fields = [, self.realm, self.token]
if fields:
_fields += fields
super().__init__(data=data, fields=_fields)
def validation(self):
rc = check_otp(, self.realm.value, self.token.value)
if rc != 200:
self.add_error("Wrong Credentials")
class CreateVMSchema(OTPSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
self.specs = SpecsField(data)
self.image_uuid = Field("image_uuid", str, data.get("image_uuid", KeyError))
self.image_uuid.validation = self.image_uuid_validation
fields = [self.specs, self.image_uuid]
super().__init__(data=data, fields=fields)
def image_uuid_validation(self):
images = client.get_prefix("/v1/image/")
if self.image_uuid.value not in [i.key.split("/")[-1] for i in images]:
self.add_error("Image UUID not valid")
class VMStatusSchema(BaseSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
self.uuid = VmUUIDField(data)
fields = [self.uuid]
super().__init__(data, fields)
class CreateImageSchema(BaseSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
# Fields
self.uuid: Field = Field("uuid", str, data.get("uuid", KeyError)) = Field("name", str, data.get("name", KeyError))
self.image_store = Field("image_store", str, data.get("image_store", KeyError))
# Validations
self.uuid.validation = self.file_uuid_validation
self.image_store.validation = self.image_store_name_validation
# All Fields
fields = [self.uuid,, self.image_store]
super().__init__(data, fields)
def file_uuid_validation(self):
file_entry = client.get(f"/v1/file/{self.uuid.value}")
if file_entry is None:
self.add_error(f"Image File with uuid '{self.uuid.value}' Not Found")
def image_store_name_validation(self):
image_stores = list(client.get_prefix("/v1/image_store/"))
image_store = next(filter(lambda s: json.loads(s.value)["name"] == self.image_store.value,
image_stores), None)
if not image_store:
self.add_error(f"Store '{self.image_store.value}' does not exists")
class VmActionSchema(OTPSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
self.uuid = VmUUIDField(data)
self.action = Field("action", str, data.get("action", KeyError))
self.action.validation = self.action_validation
_fields = [self.uuid, self.action]
super().__init__(data=data, fields=_fields)
def action_validation(self):
allowed_actions = ["start", "stop", "delete"]
if self.action.value not in allowed_actions:
self.add_error(f"Invalid Action. Allowed Actions are {allowed_actions}")
def validation(self):
vm = vm_pool.get(self.uuid.value)
if vm.value["owner"] !=
self.add_error("Invalid User")
if self.action.value == "start" and vm.status == VMStatus.running and vm.hostname != "":
self.add_error("VM Already Running")
if self.action.value == "stop" and vm.status == VMStatus.stopped:
self.add_error("VM Already Stopped")
class VmMigrationSchema(OTPSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
self.uuid = VmUUIDField(data)
self.destination = Field("destination", str, data.get("destination", KeyError))
self.destination.validation = self.destination_validation
fields = [self.destination]
super().__init__(data=data, fields=fields)
def destination_validation(self):
host_key = self.destination.value
host = host_pool.get(host_key)
if not host:
self.add_error(f"No Such Host ({self.destination.value}) exists")
elif host.status != HostStatus.alive:
self.add_error("Destination Host is dead")
def validation(self):
vm = vm_pool.get(self.uuid.value)
if vm.owner !=
self.add_error("Invalid User")
if vm.status != VMStatus.running:
self.add_error("Can't migrate non-running VM")
if vm.hostname == join("/v1/host", self.destination.value):
self.add_error("Destination host couldn't be same as Source Host")
class CreateHostSchema(OTPSchema):
def __init__(self, data):
self.specs = SpecsField(data)
self.hostname = Field("hostname", str, data.get("hostname", KeyError))
fields = [self.specs, self.hostname]
super().__init__(data=data, fields=fields)
def validation(self):
if self.realm.value != "ungleich-admin":
self.add_error("Invalid Credentials/Insufficient Permission")