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from typing import List
from .helpers import SpecificEtcdEntryBase
from .etcd3_wrapper import EtcdEntry
from datetime import datetime
from os.path import join
class HostStatus(object):
alive = "ALIVE"
dead = "DEAD"
class HostEntry(SpecificEtcdEntryBase):
def __init__(self, e: EtcdEntry):
self.specs = dict()
self.hostname = ""
self.status = ""
self.last_heartbeat = ""
def update_heartbeat(self):
self.status = HostStatus.alive
self.last_heartbeat = datetime.utcnow().isoformat()
def is_alive(self):
last_heartbeat = datetime.fromisoformat(self.last_heartbeat)
delta = datetime.utcnow() - last_heartbeat
if delta.total_seconds() > 60:
return False
return True
def declare_dead(self):
self.status = HostStatus.dead
self.last_heartbeat = datetime.utcnow().isoformat()
class HostPool(object):
def __init__(self, etcd_client, host_prefix):
self.client = etcd_client
self.prefix = host_prefix
def hosts(self) -> List[HostEntry]:
_hosts = self.client.get_prefix(self.prefix, value_in_json=True)
return [HostEntry(host) for host in _hosts]
def get(self, key):
if not key.startswith(self.prefix):
key = join(self.prefix, key)
v = self.client.get(key, value_in_json=True)
if v:
return HostEntry(v)
def put(self, obj: HostEntry):
self.client.put(obj.key, obj.value, value_in_json=True)
def by_status(self, status, _hosts=None):
if _hosts is None:
_hosts = self.hosts
return list(filter(lambda x: x.status == status, _hosts))