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import json
from etcd3_wrapper import Etcd3Wrapper, EtcdEntry, PsuedoEtcdEntry
from uuid import uuid4
from .helpers import SpecificEtcdEntryBase
from os.path import join
class RequestType(object):
CreateVM = "CreateVM"
ScheduleVM = "ScheduleVM"
StartVM = "StartVM"
StopVM = "StopVM"
InitVMMigration = "InitVMMigration"
TransferVM = "TransferVM"
DeleteVM = "DeleteVM"
class RequestEntry(SpecificEtcdEntryBase):
def __init__(self, e: EtcdEntry):
self.type = ""
def from_scratch(cls, **kwargs):
e = PsuedoEtcdEntry(join("/v1/request/", uuid4().hex), value=json.dumps(kwargs).encode("utf-8"),
return cls(e)
class RequestPool(object):
def __init__(self, etcd_client, request_prefix):
self.client = etcd_client
self.prefix = request_prefix
def put(self, obj: RequestEntry):
if not obj.key.startswith(self.prefix):
obj.key = join(self.prefix, obj.key)
self.client.put(obj.key, obj.value, value_in_json=True)